Whom We Serve

Whom We Serve

Individuals and Families

By a wide margin, individuals and families represent the largest single group in our client base. Whatever their reasons for coming to us – the need to accumulate wealth or the desire to conserve it – they know their needs will be met. Increasingly, we are becoming a port of call for those who need to plan for retirement in a world in which governments are moving to unshackle themselves from the burden of providing for those who have come to the end of their working lives.

High Net Worth Individuals

Wainwright Marks Management conscientiously provides the guidance, the expertise and the professionalism required to meet any investment objective. For the most part, our clients are usually high net worth individuals and family trusts or professionals all of whom want to maintain or enhance existing lifestyles or to prepare for looming circumstantial changes.

Family Trusts

We look after the investment and strategic deployment of wealth for families via our wealth management practice while paying close mind to the need for capital and asset conservation. We maintain a watchful eye on tax legislation development to help ensure that our clients are not unduly exposed to the scrutiny of revenue services regardless of the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled. Wainwright Marks Management helps philanthropists manage charitable giving while availing themselves of tax breaks and ensuring that recipients gain the full benefit of donations.

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around classic, well-worn and almost clichéd strategies like "buy low, sell high" but we also know when to adopt a contrarian point of view.

We know how to be fearful when others are being greedy and conversely, how to be greedy when others are fearful.

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Our Markets

With the humble cash deposit at a main street bank yielding next to nothing, today's investment environment demands that investors – sophisticated or otherwise – must expose their capital to greater risk than ever before.

  • Equities
    Sometimes called stocks and/or shares, these are the lifeblood of any growth-biased investment portfolio.
  • Fixed Income
    A staple of any portfolio geared towards the preservation of wealth and/or income generation.
  • Hard Assets
    Sometimes called commodities, these are the raw materials we use for building, powering our homes, fueling our cars, eating, drinking and so much more.
Our Markets