What We Do

What We Do

Securing Your Financial Wellbeing

It is said that money isn't everything and, while this is most certainly true, we all know that, without enough of it, life can be extremely difficult.

Our practice prides itself on its dedication to providing a second-to-none service that helps individuals and families ensure that their future financial well-being is secured by conserving the wealth they have and adding to it using shrewd, time-honored techniques.

Second-to-none Service

Since our inception, Wainwright Marks Management has consistently striven to provide our clients with the astute, perceptive and unbiased guidance required to earn market-leading returns on investment irrespective of whether they are seeking to accumulate wealth, safeguarding the purchasing power of their existing wealth or generating a reliable income.

Seen to Be Performing

Wainwright Marks Management's role is to help discerning, prosperous individuals and families to plot a course through today's progressively more intricate and volatile global market landscape.

Central to our principles is the immense importance of advancing our clients' interests.

We have never overlooked the importance of keeping our clients apprised of their investments' performance since we believe that it's not enough to simply perform; one must be able to be seen performing.

This is why our client managers are always available to give them the detailed updates they need, whenever they need them.

Investment Research


Wainwright Marks Management's investment performance relies entirely upon the efficacy of our research. It is the very cornerstone of what we do on behalf of clients and we commit significant resources and time to ensuring that we get it right.

We peer deeply into the minutiae that others ignore or simply don't recognize looking for the edge that makes the difference between run-of-the-mill and excellent returns.

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Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management

This is a broad-based, catch-all term used to describe the administration of all aspects of a client's wealth.

This includes the various securities and assets across which a person's wealth may be spread be they in a portfolio of equities and/or bonds and/or in real estate and retirement accounts. It also encompasses important areas like estate, financial and tax planning.

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Asset Management Services

Asset Management

This is a more specific discipline which seeks to control the deployment of assets like real estate, equities, income, retirement accounts and other assets but it does not deal with the administration of tax, financial and/or estate planning.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

This relates to the setup of the distribution of a person's assets and wealth in the event of that person's incapacity or death.

It handles bequests to family members and aims to present a "minimal aspect" to the revenue services in the jurisdiction in which the person is domiciled and aims to reduce the liability to inheritance taxes (if any) while ensuring that beneficiaries receive as much as is bequeathed in the last will and testament.

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Whom We Serve

  • Individuals and Families
    By a wide margin, individuals and families represent the largest single group in our client base. Whatever their reasons for coming to us – the need to accumulate wealth or the desire to conserve it – they know their needs will be met.
  • High Net Worth Individuals
    For the most part, our clients are usually high net worth individuals and family trusts or professionals all of whom want to maintain or enhance existing lifestyles or to prepare for looming circumstantial changes.
  • Family Trusts
    We look after the investment and strategic deployment of wealth for families via our wealth management practice while paying close mind to the need for capital and asset conservation.

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Whom We Serve