Wealth Management

Overseeing Your Obvious Assets

The overall gestalt of wealth management calls for perfect symbiosis of various aspects of our practice. We must ensure that all aspects of your wealth perform in tandem with each other.

In terms of investment, our service means so much more than just ensuring your portfolio holds the correct stocks and bonds in the right balances. We oversee the activities of the mutual fund managers we retain to manage investments in assets we feel their specialization is better suited to than our own such as retirement accounts.

We must also ensure that your other, perhaps more illiquid assets are optimally positioned and working for you as efficiently as possible – this includes real estate.

And Your Hidden Liabilities

This is an active approach but just as crucial to the overall success of our wealth management activities is the passive aspect – that which is less overt. For example, tax planning experts help to minimize the liabilities your assets may inadvertently expose you to while estate planning specialists ensure that as much of your wealth as possible is transferred to loved ones or selected charities and causes upon your incapacitation or death.

Wealth Management at a Glance

Wainwright Marks Management professionals are at the very heart of this approach and it is their function to:

  • Identify and choose the most appropriate assets and mutual funds
  • Provide self-oversight and evaluation of both our own performance and that of the mutual funds/ETFs we endorse
  • Regulate portfolio diversification and asset allocation making sure your wealth is afforded the best protection against loss

How We Invest

Difficult as it may be for some to agree on what represents the best approach to investing, ultimately, the overarching aim is to emerge from a venture with more than that with which one enters having exposed one's capital to as little risk as possible.

  • Investment Philosophy
    Modern Portfolio Theory says that the best way to ease risk within a portfolio is to use broad diversification between asset classes.
  • Discretionary Solutions
    This is considered by many to be the gold-standard of investment management services. The entire resources of the practice converge to ensure that from analysis to monitoring, your capital is in the best hands.
  • Investment Advisory
    Similar to the discretionary service with the sole exception that the portfolio manager must refer to you for authorization prior to conducting any transaction on your behalf.
  • Our Methodology
    How we go about the business of investing is almost as important as our performance.
How We Invest