What We Do


Deep Analytical Forensics

Without doubt, research is the most important contributor to the scale and consistency of our investment performance. Our in-house research teams conduct what we call deep, analytical forensics on more than 500 global corporations to identify suitable candidates for investment and to determine the best asset allocation and diversification approaches.

As far as bonds and equities are concerned, these teams are split along industrial sector and geographical lines to ensure that there is always something close to optimal synergy across our markets. For example, utilities in North American markets may be performing modestly but in Asia, they may be particularly buoyant.

Our Research

Getting the Full Picture

We regard the ability to put down our tools – the charts, profit and loss projections and overall market noise – as the best way to acquire an objective view.

Wainwright Marks Management researchers and analysts view their findings against the backdrop of macroeconomics, global events, central bank monetary policy and geo-politics because they know that both current conditions and the outlook for these factors are extremely important to the performance of the securities they identify for investment.

Performing Whatever the Weather

Since our establishment, Wainwright Marks Management has observed as bull markets have slid into the bear territory and emerged again and it is our sincere belief that it is our research that has enabled us and, most importantly, our clients to not just weather the storm, but to do so profitably.

Our analysis teams successfully combine fundamental and technical analysis to identify the most opportune times to buy or sell assets to lock in gains.

Our Markets

With the humble cash deposit at a main street bank yielding next to nothing, today's investment environment demands that investors – sophisticated or otherwise – must expose their capital to greater risk than ever before.

  • Equities
    Sometimes called stocks and/or shares, these are the lifeblood of any growth-biased investment portfolio.
  • Fixed Income
    A staple of any portfolio geared towards the preservation of wealth and/or income generation.
  • Hard Assets
    Sometimes called commodities, these are the raw materials we use for building, powering our homes, fueling our cars, eating, drinking and so much more.
Our Markets