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Teamwork Matters

From post room to boardroom, Wainwright Marks Management's people continually strive for excellence. While we acknowledge the critical role that technology plays in the delivery of our service and our investment performance, we are ever-mindful of the fact that, without our people and the team environment they create, we would be less successful than we are.

Committing to You

When clients work with Wainwright Marks Management, they are calling upon the collective experience of some of the most respected professionals in the global wealth and investment management industry.

We expect nothing short of proven experience and a deep passion for advancing the interests of our clients from those seeking to work with Wainwright Marks Management. We ensure that every professional – adviser, portfolio manager and research analyst – is committed to adopting Wainwright Marks Management's higher standards of client service.

The transparency of Wainwright Marks Management's fee-only remuneration model means that our clients receive meticulously-researched, impartial advice based purely on what is best for their investment needs. We understand the importance of commitment whether it revolves around taking a particular course of action in the financial markets or to make sure that our clients' interests are put first and foremost, we know it means having the courage and the determination to see things through to their conclusion.

Committing to Our People

Finally, we make a solid commitment to our people. We endeavor to make sure that their vocational and personal performance goals are achieved by supporting them in the attainment of professional accreditations and qualifications that further enhance their ability to serve our esteemed clients.

Whom We Serve

  • Individuals and Families
    By a wide margin, individuals and families represent the largest single group in our client base. Whatever their reasons for coming to us – the need to accumulate wealth or the desire to conserve it – they know their needs will be met.
  • High Net Worth Individuals
    For the most part, our clients are usually high net worth individuals and family trusts or professionals all of whom want to maintain or enhance existing lifestyles or to prepare for looming circumstantial changes.
  • Family Trusts
    We look after the investment and strategic deployment of wealth for families via our wealth management practice while paying close mind to the need for capital and asset conservation.

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Whom We Serve