How We Invest

Our Methodology

What We Look For

Our clients deserve bespoke solutions that tackle their unique personal circumstances. In order to meet this most basic proviso, Wainwright Marks Management's professionals establish each client's attitude to investment risk, his or her short and long term plans and they also evaluate the expectations they have for return on investment.

As part of our fiduciary responsibility we look closely at existing investments and assets to ensure that they are still relevant and optimized for performance.

Navigating the Waters

Wainwright Marks Management believes in providing our clients with a route to follow; a carefully-plotted map that successfully navigates the constantly changing currents of their financial lives. Deviating from the course can culminate in making their time invested in the market much more fraught with danger than it has to be.

Upon initial talks with Wainwright Marks Management, we will need to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your personal financial situation. Initially, we'll concentrate on income, expenditure before switching our focus to identifying your investment objectives, plans or thoughts on retirement etc.

Starting from the Bottom

Starting from the bottom and working our way up in this manner provides us with the confidence to proffer solid recommendations knowing that they'll give your investments the best chance of reaching your goals. We build in the kind of flexibility that enables your portfolio to adapt to changing landscapes, both within the markets and within your life. For you, this means you have the flexibility to liquidate a holding or a position without incurring penalties or redemption charges.

In summary, our methodology revolves around:

  • Assessing your investment needsĀ 
  • Determining your attitude to risk
  • Building flexibility into your portfolio