How We Invest

Investment Philosophy

Flexible Approach

The progressively intricate nature of global financial market investing means that it has become increasingly difficult for investors to bear the responsibility for managing their portfolios profitably.

It's even harder to find new ways of making the process more effective while mitigating risk but we have spent time and effort on developing innovative and novel ways to invest without exposing client capital to unacceptable levels of risk.

Our philosophy revolves around classic, well-worn and almost clichéd strategies like "buy low, sell high" but we also know when to adopt a contrarian point of view. We know how to be fearful when others are being greedy and conversely, how to be greedy when others are fearful.

Diversification Mitigates Risk

Regardless of what you may have heard or read, there is risk in every investment and anyone who tells you otherwise is being disingenuous.

Even the lowly cash deposit at a large banking institution - typically seen by most as bombproof - is not immune to the risk of loss. We rely on – amongst other methods - the careful diversification and asset allocation methodology espoused by Modern Portfolio Theory to alleviate risk within all our portfolios.

Whom We Serve

  • Individuals and Families
    By a wide margin, individuals and families represent the largest single group in our client base. Whatever their reasons for coming to us – the need to accumulate wealth or the desire to conserve it – they know their needs will be met.
  • High Net Worth Individuals
    For the most part, our clients are usually high net worth individuals and family trusts or professionals all of whom want to maintain or enhance existing lifestyles or to prepare for looming circumstantial changes.
  • Family Trusts
    We look after the investment and strategic deployment of wealth for families via our wealth management practice while paying close mind to the need for capital and asset conservation.

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Whom We Serve