How We Invest

Investment Advisory

Leveraging Our Expertise

In recent years, more and more individuals have become comfortable with investing, displaying a greater awareness of the financial markets and their inner workings.

An increasing number of the clients discovering Wainwright Marks Management are what we would describe as "knowledgeable" investors who, for any number of reasons, seek to avail themselves of our expertise when making investment decisions with a view to augmenting their performance.

Building Strategies Together

We applaud this development since we sincerely hope that, by collaborating with us, ALL clients emerge as shrewder investors. Clients with a degree of sophistication have a proclivity for wanting to maintain oversight of transactions and, more often than not, they are looking for insight into markets and assets that may not be easily accessible or, as we've increasingly noticed, they may simply need a sounding board for opportunities they have identified themselves.

When clients choose our Advisory service, we work closely with them to formulate the optimal investment strategy but, as they retain the final say over all decisions pertaining to their portfolio, transactions cannot be entered into without their prior sanction.

Clients opting for this service will benefit from:

  • Carefully monitored portfolios with regular performance evaluations
  • They will be able to gain access to our in-house analysts
  • Thorough and conscientious due diligence
  • A gateway to niche markets they might ordinarily be unable to access due to minimum volume restrictions
  • Leveraging our professionals' input regarding self-sourced investment opportunities prior to making final decisions

Our Markets

With the humble cash deposit at a main street bank yielding next to nothing, today's investment environment demands that investors – sophisticated or otherwise – must expose their capital to greater risk than ever before.

  • Equities
    Sometimes called stocks and/or shares, these are the lifeblood of any growth-biased investment portfolio.
  • Fixed Income
    A staple of any portfolio geared towards the preservation of wealth and/or income generation.
  • Hard Assets
    Sometimes called commodities, these are the raw materials we use for building, powering our homes, fueling our cars, eating, drinking and so much more.
Our Markets