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Safer Than Equities

Bonds are just debts that have been packaged and traded as securities. In a nutshell, they are loans (issued by companies, municipalities and sovereign nations) which can be purchased in consideration of a twice-yearly "coupon" or yield for the duration of the term of the loan plus, naturally, the full repayment of the initial capital outlay.

Bonds are among the weapons of choice for those seeking a steady income from their capital. This is because they are generally less volatile than equities and, because of the way they're structured, they offer a significantly higher degree of protection to the holder should the issuing company go out of business. Stockholders are subordinate to bond holders in the event a company fails; this means that bondholders will always be made whole before stockholders.

Sovereign and Corporate

Wainright Marks Management typically advises holding bonds issued by national governments and large-cap corporates. Bond prices perform inversely to bond yields so, for example, if the price of a bond rises, the yield (or coupon) payable drops. Conversely, if the price of a bond falls, the yield rises.

Corporate bonds issued by large companies tend to be fairly safe though, in theory, it is the bonds issued by G8 sovereign states that are generally perceived as being the safest available.

How We Invest

Difficult as it may be for some to agree on what represents the best approach to investing, ultimately, the overarching aim is to emerge from a venture with more than that with which one enters having exposed one's capital to as little risk as possible.

  • Investment Philosophy
    Modern Portfolio Theory says that the best way to ease risk within a portfolio is to use broad diversification between asset classes.
  • Discretionary Solutions
    This is considered by many to be the gold-standard of investment management services. The entire resources of the practice converge to ensure that from analysis to monitoring, your capital is in the best hands.
  • Investment Advisory
    Similar to the discretionary service with the sole exception that the portfolio manager must refer to you for authorization prior to conducting any transaction on your behalf.
  • Our Methodology
    How we go about the business of investing is almost as important as our performance.
How We Invest