What We Do

Asset Management

The Right Assets

Without stating the glaringly obvious, your investment portfolio's ability to achieve the targets laid down for it depends on the selection of constituents.

The spread of assets we use to achieve our clients' objectives is relatively small but it would be a mistake to see this as restrictive or somehow limiting the potential of what can be achieved. The diversity that can be achieved within a single asset class when one has access to every market in the world is simply staggering.

Diverse Assets

Our asset management service aims to generate return by investing in equities, corporate and sovereign bonds, commodities, real estate investment trusts and mutual funds/ETFS. We are not limited by geography and can access the main global bourses as well as smaller markets within emerging and frontier jurisdictions.

Bull Performance During Bear Markets

We never imply that past performance can, in some way, be taken as a tacit indicator of future performance but we are mindful of the fact that prospective clients are very much influenced by what an asset manager has achieved in the past.

Consequently, we make a point of asking our prospective clients to look at how we have performed during bear markets. We know that anyone with a Bloomberg terminal and a pulse can generate profit in bull markets but it is against the backdrop of the bear's roar that true performers come to the fore.

Our Markets

With the humble cash deposit at a main street bank yielding next to nothing, today's investment environment demands that investors – sophisticated or otherwise – must expose their capital to greater risk than ever before.

  • Equities
    Sometimes called stocks and/or shares, these are the lifeblood of any growth-biased investment portfolio.
  • Fixed Income
    A staple of any portfolio geared towards the preservation of wealth and/or income generation.
  • Hard Assets
    Sometimes called commodities, these are the raw materials we use for building, powering our homes, fueling our cars, eating, drinking and so much more.
Our Markets