About Us

About Us

Wainwright Marks Management

The fundamental characteristics that define and govern Wainwright Marks Management's practice are as valid today as were at our inception. These values have seen many trusted professionals like accountants and attorneys refer their clients to us for sage guidance when they need to build or preserve wealth. Our clients can benefit from the following core values:

Active Management

Client capital benefits from active management by Wainwright Marks Management's highly-knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our adherence to proven investment methodology doesn't mean we eschew contemporary techniques – we remain open-minded to all approaches.

Disciplinarian Approach

Clients come to us seeking a steward and an advocate that will support their efforts to secure their financial future. Because we are steadfast advocates of modern portfolio theory, the tenets of this time-honored methodology can be found throughout our portfolio construction and ongoing management activities, growing and protecting our clients' wealth.

Independence Has its Rewards

Wainwright Marks Management regards independence as the most important aspect of our practice. Without it, we would be unable to offer our clients the kind of advice that only an advisor with no ties or obligations to one or more providers can. In order to provide the counsel our clients deserve, we must be able to select products and securities from all the market has to offer.

Our commitment to independence is reflected by our insistence on earning our remuneration via the levying of management fees. Even these are based on our performance so if you don't profit, neither do we. We never solicit emoluments from providers and thus never have to contend with conflict issues.

Wainwright Marks Management pledges to:

  • Guide you in the development, implementation and upkeep of an investment strategy specifically designed to tackle your existing and future requirements and objectives
  • To build and nurture our long term relationship on the prime principles of honesty, clarity and fiduciary duty
  • Adapt our services to your unique set of circumstances
  • Preserve a standard of service and support that you expect from a top tier wealth management concern

Our investment strategies are rooted in time-honored, proven techniques that have performed well over time. Wainwright Marks Management believe that agility is crucial if we are to aggressively seize opportunities that manifest themselves frequently in the financial markets but ultimately, we are value investors.

We look for stocks or assets that are, because of market inefficiencies or other factors, priced below their intrinsic value.

What We Do

Our practice prides itself on its dedication to providing a second-to-none service that helps individuals and families ensure that their future financial well-being is secured by conserving the wealth they have and adding to it using shrewd, time-honored techniques.

  • Research
    Wainwright Marks Management investment performance relies entirely upon the efficacy of our research.
  • Wealth Management
    Encompassing the important areas of estate, financial and tax planning.
  • Asset Management
    Controlling the deployment of assets like real estate, equities, income, retirement accounts and other assets.
  • Estate Planning
    Organizing the distribution of a person's assets and wealth in the event of that person's incapacity or death.
What We Do